2008-2009 Season

Monday Bracketology Update

All of the bracketologists updated their brackets today and it seems like all of them but Warren Nolan have Michigan in the field of 65. The consensus is that Michigan is right around the 10/11-seed line. Personally, I would rather see a 10 or 11 seed than a 9 seed. Michigan is in good position as we head into the conference tournaments but the bottom line is the Iowa game on Thursday looms large. I am very nervous and it is a definite trap game. Not to mention the fact that so many things can happen around the country to drive the number of available bids downward. Hopefully the team takes Manny Harris’ words to heart:

“It feels good, but I’m not going to feel as good until (the NCAA bid) is in writing and I see it on Selection Sunday,” Harris said. “We’ve got a lot more work to go.”

Bracket Updates:


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