Monday Links

  • Revolutionary Fab Five still resonates
    Wetzel has a piece on the Fab Five reunion and how important they are today. I know Michigan fans have a wide range of feelings on this one but at some point I think they have to be forgiven.
  • In Tournaments, N.C.A.A. Shines at Its Athletes’ Expense
    The New York Times reminds us what exactly what the NCAA tournament is: a business. Continuing with the Fab Five, I found it interesting that the Fab Five was featured in just about every NCAA feature video at the Big Ten Tournament and the NCAA tournament in Kansas City. The games don’t count but of course the NCAA can still use them in their commercials for their own promotion.
  • U-M recruits see fruits of hard work in NCAA appearance
    Some quotes from the 2009 class on Michigan’s NCAA appearance.
  • Courtney Sims wins D-League MVP
    Nice honor for Court after a successful season in the D-League.
  • UConn Game Recap (4/4/09)
    There was some basketball played over the weekend and Michigan State took care of their business. There is no denying that MSU is running a top notch program (one of the best of the 2000’s?) but for everyone worrying about recruiting I ask you this: if MSU loses on Saturday does it change their program? Michigan State is going to get their recruits no matter what — Michigan just has to worry about themselves.
  • National Championship Game Preview
    There’s also a game tonight and Spartans Weblog is the place for the preview. I loved Michigan State’s chances on Saturday but I don’t think they have a shot tonight. KenPom only likes Carolina by 3 while Vegas likes Carolina by 7.5.
  • Inside Green Ground Zero—Final 4 Takes, Photos
    MVictors has pictures from downtown Detroit including some shots from the Fab Five reunion.
  • Big Ten commissioner critical of networks’ coverage
    “I don’t think it’s the beat writers,” Delany told a small group of reporters during the off day Sunday at the Final Four. “I think it’s mostly electronic media and I think it’s mostly CBS and ESPN.
  • The Life of a Referee
    The number of games that an official works is downright ridiculous. Check out StatSheet’s referee statistics as well, shockingly Mr. Hightower only comes in at 23rd in number of games officiated.
  • Cheering for MSU from Ann Arbor
    What would you say to get your name on ESPN?
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