Incoming: Class of 2009

This year’s incoming class will arrive on campus at the end of the month. The first sign that basketball will eventually be back. Of the four incoming freshmen, Blake Mclimans is the mystery man. There wasn’t a lot of media coverage of Blake or the Worcester program more than an occasional box score. I stumbled across this McLimans video from WIVB and figured it was worth posting because we have barely seen many pictures of Blake, nonetheless hear him speak.

The first hurdle for the freshmen class is Beilein’s camp. I would expect the entire incoming class to participate in the Elite and Team camps similar to last year. A team of Darius Morris, Matt Vogrich, Blake McLimans, Jordan Morgan, Eso Akunne, and Josh Bartelstein should give other teams a run for their money. It will also be a chance for people to see the a few of the freshmen for the first time.

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