Jordan Morgan to Miss 4-5 Months with Knee Surgery

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Before the joy of Tim Hardaway’s commitment even sinks in, there is more disappointing news to share. Incoming freshmen Jordan Morgan is scheduled to undergo knee surgery and will be out for 4-5 months. The surgery to repair articular cartilage in Jordan’s left knee is scheduled for Wednesday, July 1st.

“The timing of Jordan’s injury is very unfortunate,” said Beilein. “We are very confident; however, that with the great medical staff at the University of Michigan, Jordan will make a full and speedy recovery.”

The recovery and rehab time-frame would most likely put Jordan back in action sometime during the month of November. Once he is cleared to play he has to get into basketball shape and start learning Beilein’s system first hand.

There was a chance that he would have redshirted in the first place and missing a this much time increases that chance significantly.

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