2009-2010 Season

Student Section Expanded

The Athletic Department announced today that the student section at Crisler Arena will be getting a little larger. Due to extraordinary demand, 200 seats in section 16 will be allocated for students.

Crisler Arena Seating Chart
These seats are in addition to the original bleacher seating as well as seating in section 19 behind the band. Seats  will be handed out on a first come first serve basis and students who don’t get seats in the lower bowl will sit in the upper gold level.

Earlier this spring I had suggested that sections 10, 13, and 16 should be turned into student seating. While this move isn’t quite that bold, it is a welcome addition nonetheless. There is probably still less than 1000 seats in the blue sections, so over half of the student crowd will be relegated to the gold seats.

Student tickets are on sale again until September 25th for $125 and they can be purchased through MGoBlue.com.

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