2009-2010 Season

Playing the Odds

The media has weighed in with their predictions of where Michigan will fall this year, typically anywhere from 9th to 25th, but we haven’t taken a very firm look at what Vegas thinks. I checked out some sports betting sites to try to see what odds makers think about Michigan’s chances to win the Big Ten.

For those of you not familiar with basketball betting, Michigan’s +500 line means that if you were to bet $100 you would win $500 if Michigan were to win the Big Ten.

Odds To Win Big 10 Championship

  • Michigan State +175
  • Purdue +200
  • Michigan +500
  • Ohio State +500
  • Minnesota +1000
  • Illinois +1200
  • Wisconsin +1200
  • Penn State +1500
  • Northwestern +2000
  • Indiana +2000
  • Iowa +3000

Vegas’ NCAA insiders seem to have bought into the Michigan hype as well. They have Michigan and Ohio State slotted in the #3 spot, which is probably fair, although I think Minnesota and Illinois might beg to differ. Not to mention the fact that Wisconsin has practically lived at the top of the Big Ten standings since Bo Ryan came to town.

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