2009-2010 Season

Recap: John Beilein on WTKA

John Beilein joined Sam Webb on WTKA’s Michigan Insider this morning to talk some hoops. You can catch the podcast here and here are a few highlights:

  • Still in an exploratory stage, looking for some consistency but noted that DeShawn Sims had a great week last week.
  • Manny Harris was able to go “pretty good” on Saturday and Sunday and is getting healthy. Just being careful because he gets sore after going hard for consecutive days. Hopeful that he will be 100% by the first game a week from Saturday.
  • Would really like to see Anthony Wright step up.
  • Darius Morris is a true point guard, he thinks like a point guard and guards like a point guard. All the upperclassmen are helping Darius along, feel good about him on the floor with four upperclassmen. Darius is playing multiple positions on defense but just the point on offense.
  • Jordan Morgan‘s return is delayed two more weeks, making sure to be cautious. Knee injury has taken away from what bounce he had.
  • Ben Cronin has shown some flashes over the last week, a little bit more bounce and a feel for the game. Sneaky suspicion that he’s a gamer, might be able to step up in game action.
  • Zack Gibson will be able to play the four and five, can move him around a bit more this year. Would like to be able to go big or small this year.
  • Eric Puls and Blake McLimans are down the road guys, not in the rotation at this point.
  • The three leaders of the team are DeShawn Sims, Manny Harris, and Zack Novak but they are growing into the role.
  • Main goal is settling on a temporary rotation. Want to see how the team can adjust when they go big and get all the wheels turning. Want to settle on a 9 man rotation and could throw a 10th in the rotation at times.
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