2009-2010 Season

Old Spice Classic: Plus Minus Data

I experimented with plus/minus data last year in an attempt to go a little more in-depth with the analysis around here. The numbers appeared to be a little too abstract to do much with but they are set to make their triumphant return, at least for right now.

Frequent reader and commenter, gpsimms, volunteered to attempt to track plus/minus data. Here is the data he came up with and some bulleted analysis after the jump. (Note: I know minutes are a little off but they should be close)

Columns explained: Minutes played, net points while on the court (scored minus allowed), points scored per 40, points allowed per 40, net per 40, normalized (net/sqrt(minutes)). Column headers are clickable to sort.

Player Min Net Score/40 Allow/40 Net/40 Norm.
Lucas-Perry 84 13 75.71 69.52 6.19 1.42
Novak 91 5 74.73 73.41 2.20 0.52
Douglass 63 3 77.46 75.56 1.90 0.38
Harris 113 -3 72.57 73.63 -1.06 -0.28
Gibson 23 -1 80.00 81.74 -1.74 -0.21
Sims 96 -6 70.83 73.33 -2.50 -0.61
Vogrich 18 -5 77.78 88.89 -11.11 -1.18
Morris 69 -28 67.25 83.48 -16.23 -3.37
Wright 25 -25 62.40 102.40 -40.00 -5.00
Akunne 1 -2 0.00 80.00 -80.00 -2.00

  • Laval Lucas-Perry: The first guy who stands out. Not only did Laval score the ball well this weekend, it appears that he played good defense. Kudos to Laval for the good weekend.
  • Darius Morris: Yikes. Not the finest weekend for the freshman, he’s obviously still adjusting but judging by these numbers, he’s got a ways to go.
  • Anthony Wright: This isn’t really surprising, defense goes way down hill when Anthony is in the game. The offense is brutal too, at this point I’d be all for Gibson and Vogrich replacing a lot of his minutes.
  • Zack Gibson: Gibson scores points when he’s in the game, that much is clear. He also isn’t scared to shoot, taking 28% of Michigan’s shots while he’s on the floor. For those of you who think that Gibson might be the answer on defense, the data doesn’t quite support that.
  • Zack Novak: He typically grades out well in the plus/minus data which goes along with the argument that he does all the little things.
  • Manny Harris: Harris’ numbers are obviously not going to show much because he played almost every minute of every game in Orlando.
  • Stu Douglass: Stu hasn’t been shooting the ball well and drew a lot of criticism in the comments. The plus/minus data explains a little bit why he might have been on the court late in games.
  • DeShawn Sims: Not his best weekend and he needs to be more assertive on offense. Curious to see how he comes out on Wednesday.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, and criticisms about this data as well as plus/minus in general in the comments.

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