2009-2010 Season

The Road Warrior: Laval Lucas-Perry

I have criticized Laval Lucas-Perry several times on this blog. Calling him tentative, critiquing his ball handling ability, and wondering if he truly feels comfortable in the offense. Luckily, whenever I am convinced that he has lost it he comes up with a huge performance, seemingly out of nowhere.

For some reason when the situation looks dire, there is no one whose hands I would rather have the ball in than Laval Lucas-Perry. His shot disappears at times and he might have a couple turnovers or silly fouls, but he manages to make big shots when Michigan needs them most.

None of Laval’s career performances have come at Crisler Arena. In fact, a majority of his double digit scoring games have come away from home including the best and most memorable.

Somehow, Laval’s best performances have come not only in games that Michigan needed to win but mostly in games they actually won. Michigan has won 4 true road games over the last two years under John Beilein. Laval Lucas-Perry is averaging 15.8 points per game and shooting 59% from the field in those four victories.

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