2009-2010 Season

Manny Harris Reinstated

manny harris celebrate

According to a statement from the Michigan basketball program, Manny Harris has been reinstated. Here are the quotes from the athletic department release:

“It is our hope that Manny will show tremendous growth from his suspension,” said Beilein. “We look forward to moving on and to having a great practice today.”

“I wanted to take this opportunity to apologize to the university, the coaching staff, my teammates and every U-M fan for not being able to help the team against Purdue,” said Harris. “I made a poor decision during last Friday’s practice which I regret very much.

“I fully accept the suspension from the coaching staff. It was the correct decision. I cannot tell you my disappointment for letting my teammates down and showing the lack of leadership that I normally try to provide.

“I love my teammates, the coaches, this program and especially all the fans who have continued to support me. I have learned a great deal from this situation and I don’t ever want to have it happen again.”

Exhale and buckle up for tomorrow night.

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