Monday Night Bullets

  • Senior forward Anthony Wright will not return for his fifth year of eligibility. Wright recently had a baby and is on track to graduate with a degree in sociology. This means that Michigan should have three scholarships remaining for the class of 2010 but if they were to use all three they wouldn’t have any additional scholarships for the 2011 class.
  • Updated scholarship breakdown lives here.
  • DeShawn Sims plans to attend the Portsmouth Invitational. Portsmouth is a tournament that is typically attended by bubble players, so to speak, but it’s a great chance to be seen. The bottom line though, a lot of these kids don’t get drafted. Last years class did include several players who were drafted, including guys like Sam Young, AJ Price, Ahmad Nivins, Jeff Pendergraph, Jermaine Taylor, and Robert Dozier.
  • Michigan looks almost locked into the 8 seed in the Big Ten tournament which means a 2:30 game next Thursday. Right now they would play Iowa but the Hawkeyes are only a game ahead of Indiana and Penn State. The winner of the 8/9 game plays the 1-seed which will be Ohio State if the three first place teams win out.
  • A care package drive will be taking place at tomorrow’s game.  Donations can be dropped off at Gate E or A for Task Force-12 in the Khakrez District of the Kandahar Province.
  • Ben Cronin is spending his spring break on a mission trip to New Orleans and keeping a diary.
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