2009-2010 Season

Big Ten Tournament Sandwich Post

Basics: Iowa box score. Ohio State match-up statistics. Next game: 12PM ESPN.

Apologies in advance but I have to keep it short because of time constraints… The Iowa game was ugly but at this point it’s tough to complain about a win.

For the first 10 minutes, everything was running smoothly and Michigan was scoring points at ease. Then Iowa switched to the zone defense and Michigan appeared bewildered. Michigan couldn’t buy a three point shot and they kept firing.

Four factors graphs sans interpretation:

Next up, Ohio State at noon eastern on ESPN. Evan Turner is good. The rest of the Ohio State starting is also good. Ohio State is a 9 point favorite and it’s really tough to see Michigan standing a chance.

For more on Ohio State here is the preview and post game from the last contest in Columbus. There isn’t really a good match-up on the court for Michigan so it will take a very impressive effort. Ohio State is probably playing for a one seed and Michigan needs a miracle to make the NIT.

It’s Ohio State’s first game in 10 days and also their first game in Indianapolis. That coupled with a noon tip off are probably the biggest x-factors going Michigan’s way. It’s not the best news when those are the only positives that you can come up with.

The post is short so let’s hear your thoughts, predictions, and everything else in the comments.

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