Asst. Coaching Search: Potential Candidates

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Bacari Alexander, LaVall Jordan, and Saddi Washington

With the news that Dane Fife wants to stick at IPFW behind us, three names appear to have emerged as front runners for the Michigan assistant coaching position: Bacari Alexander, LaVall Jordan, and Saddi Washington (listed alphabetically). All three candidates have in-state connections but also have their own strengths and weaknesses and bring something unique to the table. I don’t think Michigan could really go wrong with any one of the three. Then again, I wouldn’t be shocked if Beilein surprised all of us and pulled a rabbit out of the hat.

Here’s a brief look at the three candidates’ resumes… after the jump.

Bacari Alexander (Western Michigan) – Bio

Alexander played at the University of Detroit while current Michigan assistant Mike Jackson was an assistant coach there. He has assistant coaching experience at Detroit (under Perry Watson), Ohio, and Western Michigan. Bacari should be able to provide a little bit of flash as he played two seasons with the Harlem Globetrotters and is consistently mentioned as one of the most fashionable coaches in the college basketball world.

Alexander works with the forwards at Western Michigan so he should have no difficulties filling John Mahoney’s role there. Alexander obviously hasn’t had much opportunity to recruit at the highest level but he was considered an important factor in Juwan Howard Jr. committing to Western Michigan.

LaVall Jordan (Iowa) – Bio

LaVall Jordan was an assistant coach at Iowa under Todd Lickliter for three years. His previous experience was at Butler where he was an assistant from 2004-2007 and also played from 97-2001. Jordan was a starting guard for the Bulldogs and named the team’s most valuable player in 2001.

Jordan is a Michigan native (Albion) but also has broader midwestern ties after experience coaching in Indiana and Iowa. Jordan was considered the point man on Roy Marble Jr’s recruitment. One feather in Jordan’s cap is that he’s the only coach of these three that has high-major experience.

Saddi Washington (Oakland) – Bio

Washington is another assistant coach with extensive Michigan ties. Washington is a Lansing native who was a 2-time All-MAC selection at Western Michigan from 1994-98.

Washington has been at Oakland for four years under Greg Kampe and works primarily with the Grizzlies’ guards. Jonathan Jones and Erik Kangas are two examples of guards who developed quite nicely under Washington. Jones as the true point guard and Kangas as the lights out bomber (40% three point shooter three years in a row).

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