Q&A: 2012 Forward Matt Costello

Matt Costello is a 6-8, 210-pound forward from Auburn, MI. He’s playing AAU ball with Team Pride this summer and his stock has been on the rise. He had an impressive season playing for Bay City Western this season. I went to watch him at the Motown Showdown earlier this summer and here’s some of what I had to say:

Costello is tall, long, tough and coordinated. A lot of times with young big guys, you get the sense that they’re still growing into their bodies, but he looked perfectly at home. You looked at him and expected him to dominate the glass, and he did. He kept the ball high in the post, which takes some guys years to learn. When didn’t receive entry passes, he went and got them. He was quick on his feet for someone his size, losing his defenders in the post and staying in front of whoever he was guarding.

Costello isn’t that well-known right now (he is unranked on Rivals and Scout) but he’s definitely a player to watch. I got a chance to sit down for a quick phone interview with him earlier today.

What kind of a player are you? Mostly I’m–wait, AAU or high school?

Start with AAU And go to high school. In AAU I’m more of a straight-up big man, I don’t dribble the ball as much, try to post up more.  In high school I like to run the floor, grab rebounds, and I try to get guys the ball.

Any offers? Oakland and USC

Are you taking any visits in the near future? On the 28th and 29th, I’m going to Butler, Indiana and Purdue. I’m also talking to Michigan State to set up a visit there.

Going to any Elite Camps? I’m going to Michigan’s elite camp on the 24th, and that’s all I’m attending.

Do you have a time frame for commiting to a school? I going to try to commit the summer before senior year, just so I can focus on playing ball my senior year and having fun.

Has Michigan talked to you about offering you on June 15th (the first day schools can officially offer 2012 kids)? Michigan said they would call and talk to me, but they haven’t said anything about offers.

Have you visited Michigan? I made a visit about three weeks ago, spent about four hours there. I met with Coach Beilein, Coach Jackson–well, coach Jackson isn’t there anymore–coach Bacari. It worked out well.

What do you like about Michigan? Academics–they have good academics. With a Michigan degree, you can get a job pretty much anywhere. The style of ball fits me, it’s not run-n-gun, more of a set offense. The coaches seem like good, honest people, which is important.

How do you think you would fit into Michigan’s offense? I’m a good inside-out big man, not necessarily as in posting up, but I can get boards and take it inside out.

You’re saying you’re a good shooter? Yes.

What are you trying to improve about your game right now? I’ve been trying to get my shot more consistent.  I want to hit eight, nine out of 10 instead of, like, six.  I’ve also been working on facing up defenders and taking them off the dribble.

What player have you been compared to? I don’t know, there haven’t really been too many comparisons.

Okay, who would you compare yourself to? I guess I would say Draymond Green. He does a lot of good work and is good at bringing the team together. He does a lot of things without being too flashy.

What ultimately goes into your decision? Academics, distance from home because my mom wants me to stay close to home. The coaches, they have to seem like good people instead of getting fines from the NCAA and shady stuff like that. I said good people, but I’d also like godly people who can help me grow spiritually. I’d also like to run a set offense that works the ball.

Where does Team Pride play next? The Kentucky Hoopfest in Louisville.

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