Q&A: 2012 Guard JaVontae Hawkins


Describe your game. I like to shoot, come off screens and shoot and attack the basket.

Did you hear from anybody yesterday (June 15th, the first day schools can call 2012 players)? Arizona State, Michigan and Central Michigan.

Did you receive offers from any of those schools? Just Central Michigan and Michigan.

Michigan offered you officially? Yes.

Any other plans for the summer besides AAU? Elite camps? I’m going to U of D today. I’m going to Michigan next week for team camp and I’m going to their elite camp. I’m going to Florida for their elite camp but that’s about it right now.

You visited Michigan a couple days ago, right? Yeah, on Monday.

What did you do?  Did you meet the new coaches? I met Coach [Bacari] Alexander and Coach LaVall [Jordan] who came in from Iowa and they showed me around campus and showed me the process of renovating Crisler Arena and the player development center. They let me know, just, how they run their offense, what players are coming in, what players are leaving and just the system pretty much.

What do you think of the practice facility?  How much does that matter? It doesn’t effect my decision at all. But by the time I would get there it’s going to be finished, so it should be done.

Do you have a timeframe for commitment? Not really, I just want to have time to think about it, talk it over with my parents, wait for that time to come and make a decision.

Have you met Coach Beilein? Yes.

Was he the one who called you yesterday? Yeah, he called me.

What do you like about Michigan? I like the campus, I like Coach Beilein’s character, how he treats his players, and how they treat recruits.They bring them in and show them around and make them feel welcome.

How would you fit in to Beilein’s system? Like I said, I can shoot pretty well and I can take it to the basket. Coach Beilein is going to fine-tune my shot and make me into a complete basketball player.

Is there anything specific you’re focusing on improving about your game right now? My strength, going to hole stronger, and building my body

Is there a player you’ve been compared to? Durrell Summers from Michigan State.

What ultimately goes into your decision? Top-notch education, having a good social background, and top athletics.

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