Q&A: 2012 Guard Jacobby Bledsoe

Jacobby Bledsoe is a jet quick point guard from Fishers, IN that plays alongside blue chip prospect Gary Harris (previously interviewed). Bledsoe recently visited Michigan along with Harris and had this to say as recruiting begins to pick up.

Describe your game. I’m more like a finesse player, I’m really fast. I like to create for my team first and then get my points after they get theirs.

Did you hear from anyone on June 15th? I heard from Oregon State and that’s the only school right now that’s offering me. I also heard from Michigan, Michigan State, Colorado State, Oakland, Dayton, Central Michigan, and I think that’s it.

So you heard from Michigan? Yeah I actually talked to Michigan’s whole staff.

LaVall Jordan, Bacari Alexander and everyone? Yeah they just stood out because I talked to everybody on their staff, you know?

Planning on attending any elite camps? Not really. Basically July is going to be my entire basketball month and after that I’m not doing anything except when we travel out to Orlando to play there. That should be fun. Other than that, not really.

Any timeframe for commitment? Not really. Basically I think my dad’s going to have a lot of say into where I go. I think like next season maybe, but I don’t know.

You visited Michigan a couple weeks ago, right? Yep.

What did you do? We traveled along the campus, they took us to the academic center, the business center. We walked around and got to the middle of the campus, saw where all the kids hang out, stuff like that. Then we went to go eat, I don’t remember what place we went to but there are a whole lot of restaurants, so that was nice. They took us around, showed us what the new facility is going to look like. After that, we just went back to Indiana.

Did you get to meet LaVall Jordan? No I just missed him. Coach Jackson was still there when I was there.

Did you meet Coach Alexander? He’s recruited me before when he was at his other job, I like him a lot. We’ve stayed in touch.

They talked to you about the new practice facility? Yeah, they were talking to us about that. It’s nice.

Does that factor into your decision? The facilities at a school? I mean, the newer the school looks I guess the better, you know a lot kids don’t like going to a school where everything is run-down, they like to see new stuff all around them.

What did you like about Michigan? I really like the atmosphere there, great student body, great programs, and I know they have great academcis.

How do you think you would fit into Coach Beilein’s system? I think I’d fit in just fine because I can run in transition, just by the way I’m able to push the ball, and how I can find my teammates.

Anything you’re specifically focused on improving about your game right now? Yeah, I’m working on really improving my jumpshot and also really being able to attack the basket and being able to hit a pull-up jumpshot and just be consistent with that.

Any player you’re often compared to? People compare me to Korie Lucious or more like Kalin Lucas.

What ultimately goes into your decision? Academics first and then the coaching staff.

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