Visit Debrief: 2011 PG Trey Burke

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Columbus Northland HS point guard Trey Burke made an unofficial visit to Michigan today and earned a Michigan offer. Burke is down to two schools (Cincinnati and Michigan) and plans to decide by the end of the month. Cincinnati has long been considered the front runner but we will have to find out if Michigan did enough to catch up. We caught up with Trey for a quick update.

How did the visit go? It was real nice.  The campus was nice.  It was smaller than I expected, but the coaches were cool.  I met all the players and we went out to eat.  It was cool for the most part.

What did you do? When we got there, they were already in practice.  So we just went in to practice and we were watching it and after practice we kind of toured the gym and the locker rooms and stuff and right after that we went out to eat.  We went to Noodles and Company on campus.  After that we just walked around campus a little bit.  We went into a couple of the buildings and coach was just explaining what the buildings meant.  We went to the coach’s office and just talked and that was about it.

How does the visit rate with other schools you’ve visited? I have to say good.  Really high because I think that was my first—no, my second Big Ten school after Penn State.  The facilities were top-notch, the gym was top-notch, the football field and just the campus…basically it rates real high compared to all the other colleges I’ve been to.

You were offered today, correct? Yes, correct.

Who else has offered you? Michigan, Cincinnati, Providence, Seton Hall, Iowa, Nebraska, Penn State, Miami (FL), Oklahoma State and that’s about it from the top of my head.

Among those schools, where is Michigan? I narrowed my list down to two, so it’s between Michigan and Cincinnati.  I told them my timeline was to make a decision by the end of this month so I won’t have to go into school thinking about where I want to go.

What ultimately goes into your decision? Just coming in and making an impact on the team.  Somewhere I feel comfortable, and somewhere I could see myself living for the next few years.  That’s about it.

What do you like about Michigan? It’s close, it’s in the Big Ten.  Like they said most of their games are on TV with the Big Ten Network.  My family could come see me, it’s not too far away from home and they could come to most of my games, the majority of them.  That’s basically the benefit of Michigan.

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