Post-Commit Q&A: Trey Burke

Trey Burke has just committed to Michigan.  Dylan covered pretty much everything in the post below, but here’s what Trey had to say about joining the Michigan recruiting class of 2011.

So you committed to Michigan? Yeah, that’s true.  I actually committed last night and I guess my dad just put it out there.

How’s it feel to know you’re going to Michigan? It’s a great feeling.  I always wanted to go to the Big Ten and now I get a chance to play against my hometown school.  It should be real fun and now I’m just ready to get there.

What ultimately went into the decision? Basically, me and my family, we had a conversation last night.  We talked it over because Cincinnati, they were my top school for about three or four months.  My dad basically gave me his take on it and what he thought I should do and my mom was telling me the goods and the bads.  At the end of the night it just came out to be Michigan.  I felt like Michigan was a better opportunity for me at the end of the day.  Life after basketball, which school has the better degree, those were the kinds of things that were in the discussion.

Cincinnati was your top school for a while.  What made the tide turn to Michigan? The recruiting class, the recruits.  Michigan ‘s got Carlton Brundidge coming in and he’s a great player.  I’ve played against him plenty of times.  I’m looking forward to playing with him, Hardaway, Darius Morris and Horford.  They have a young team, and I can tell that when I get there, we’re going to do some special things.

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