2010-2011 Season

Injury Updates: McLimans, Dumars & Novak

The Michigan basketball coaching staff has made social media a point of emphasis over the last several months and it has certainly been beneficial to Michigan fans. Coach Beilein and all three assistants have taken up tweeting and Beilein has also launched his own website. The extra coverage proved extremely valuable during Michigan’s trip to Europe and it’s given fans another perspective on the Michigan program. With the first practice less than a month away it will be interesting to see how the staff continues to utilize social media throughout the season.

Plenty of the content on JohnBeilein.com is fluff, such as this piece about his childhood basketball court, but there is also some useful content. Most recently Beilein posted a number of injury updates:

We’re a little banged up right now, we have several injuries that will keep a couple of guys out for a few weeks. Blake McLimans got tangled up with Jon Horford and injured his elbow so he’s going to be out for at least a couple of weeks. He’s learning at such a great rate, but if injuries are going to happen this is a better time to have them opposed to deep in the season.

Jordan Dumars is going to have minor surgery on his knee and the length of time that he will miss depends on how successful surgery is tomorrow (Tuesday). And Zack Novak had his wisdom teeth pulled, so he’ll be out for a few days. We’re down to 11 guys here for a little bit but Zack will be back soon, we hope to have Blake back within a few weeks and we’re hoping that everything goes well for Jordan tomorrow. We’ll know more about the time frame for when he’ll be healthy after that is completed.

None of the injuries appear to be major issues but the most troubling one is McLiman’s elbow injury. Michigan needs McLimans and Morgan to stay healthy all year but they also need the practice time because of their lack of experience.

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