2012 Q&A: Sean Sheldon


I recently got a chance to chat with Sean Sheldon, a 2012 big man out of Traverse City.  Sean is a versatile big man whose recruitment started really picking up at the end of this summer.  Sheldon also really impressed at Michigan’s elite camp.  Here’s what Sean had to say:

Describe your game. I like to think of myself as a really versatile player.  I can play any position from the 3 to the 5, really.  I can go beyond the arc and knock down the 3 or take my defender off the dribble from beyond the arc also.  The thing I’m more well-known for is squaring up from the post, but I can also take guys with my back to the basket.  So I think a lot of schools are looking at me for my versatility.

Who has offered you? Western Michigan, Miami (OH), Lehigh and Wright State.

There are some bigger schools who have shown interest in you, though. That’s Penn State, of course U of M, USC, Providence, Notre Dame.  Those are probably some of the bigger schools along with Wisconsin and Indiana.

What have you and coach Beilein been talking about as far as an offer? Coach Beilein said that they’re at the stage right now where they have to decide to offer their final scholarship for 2012 to a big man or a guard.  I talked to him yesterday on the phone and he said they still hadn’t decided, but I’m definitely in the mix.  So I’m hoping for an offer from them.

If Michigan were to offer, where would they rank? They’d definitely be one of the top choices, it really depends.  It’d be between a lot of Big Ten schools and stuff.  It’d be between them and Penn State and USC and stuff like that.  But they’d definitely be a top choice.

How did AAU go for you this year? It went really well.  I played with the 17U’s the whole AAU circuit and we made it to the semifinals down at Spiece, we made it to the finals in Kansas City, and we got second place out of the 84 teams that were there.  It was a lot of fun.

Any timeframe for commitment? Yes.  I will be making a decision at the end of my junior season, if not before then.

How did you like your unofficial visit to Michigan for the UMass game? I had been down there for the two previous elite camps and I came down for the football game and it was a lot of fun.  Got to hang out with the coaches and the players and got to see what the atmosphere was like, especially on a game day, so it was fun.

What do you think of Michigan’s new staff? I like all the coaches a lot.  I really like coach Alexander, I worked with him a lot during Elite camp he was one of my coaches when we were working in the post and I really liked his intensity and how he gets after it.  I liked coach Jordan and coach Meyer and of course coach Beilein.  I just had a great time with all of them.

What do you like about Michigan? Just their style of play, that they’re looking for a versatile big man.  They want a 4 man like myself who can get out on the 3-point line and knock down the shot but also can get in there in the post and score down there also.

How do you think you would fit in to Michigan’s offense? I look at myself as a versatile 4 for coach Beilein.  I can get out on the wing and take people off the dribble, so I really look at myself as a 4 man for Michigan, but I can get out and do stuff a 3 would do, also.

Any part of your game you’re focused on improving right now? Right now I’m working on my wing skills, working on my ballhandling, along with 3-point shooting.  And of course in the weight room I’m working three days per week trying to put on strength.

Any player people compare you to? Last year my high school coaches were comparing me to Gordon Hayward , where I had the size and similar play style to him, but I think I go down more in the post than he did, but I can get out on the wing and score proficiently, as well.

Any other visits planned? I had a visit at Wright State today, and I will be at the University of Dayton tomorrow.  I think I’m planning on coming down to Michigan again in a couple weeks, coach Beilein mentioned that, so I’ll be down there for sure during the season also.  I’m flying to Penn State for a visit on October 23rd and earlier in October Ill be in North Carolina for a couple visits.

What ultimately goes into your decision? First and foremost it’s the academics.  I want a good foundation for after my playing days are over, so definitely academics.  The coaches, the program and how I fit in.  What it’s going to be like when I come in there, what the minutes are going to be like during my sophomore and junior season, and then location.  Michigan would be a great fit for all those.  They’re four hours from my house, and the line of work I want to go into, they place a lot of graduates in that field.

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