2010-2011 Season

Friday Discussion: Preliminary Depth Chart

It’s far from finalized, but this is how the roster appears to be breaking down at this moment. There are still a lot of “ORs” on the chart but, as Beilein has mentioned, just about every position in the lineup is up for grabs. I think we can pencil in Novak at the two after Beilein called him the team’s only consistent player thus far.

Note: This is a completely unofficial chart. It’s just an estimation of where things stand today.

Position First String Second String
One Darius Morris
OR Stu Douglass
Two Zack Novak Stu Douglass
OR Matt Vogrich
Three Tim Hardaway
OR Matt Vogrich
Zack Novak
Four Evan Smotrycz OR
Colton Christian
Five Blake McLimans
OR Jordan Morgan
OR Jon Horford

Who do you see winning the various position battles? What changes would you make to the line-up? Let’s hear your opinions in the comments.

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