2010-2011 Season

Video: Beilein Meets with Media Before BGSU

John Beilein was made available to the media today and here’s what he had to say about Crisler renovations, playing faster, Bowling Green, and more.

You can find video from Darius Morris and Zack Novak posted earlier and a recap of Beilein’s statements after the jump.

  • Beilein has seen some of the designs for the Crisler renovations and is pleased with what he saw.  “I’m only 6-1 and I’m sitting in those chairs and I know my knees are right into those babies.”  Excited for it to be a place that will be good for the players and recruits.
  • Darius Morris is seeing the floor much differently, in high school he “saw the basket just as much as he saw his teammates,” but now he’s seeing his teammates more than just looking to score.  On defense, Darius is taking better angles.
  • The team is looking more confident as a whole, not just Darius.
  • Probably won’t be tinkering much with the starting lineup but they will be playing with different rotations.  “It’s deep right now with 10 or 11 guys.”  Would like to get it down to eight guys but it’s a young team and he sees a lot of guys playing.
  • “We’re pretty healthy, as healthy as we’ve been up to this point.”
  • On Bowling Green big man Cameron Black, 6-10: “He’s just gonna get rebounds just because he’s a space=eater.  So we gotta play with our feet around so somehow we can establish some leverage around him.”
  • Been recruiting Carlton Brundidge for three years.  He’s a winner, led Southfield to East Lansing.  “He’s a tough, hard-playing guard who can score.”
  • Trey Burke has had a ball in his hands most of his life and knows about winning.  “An outstanding young man who has great leadership abilities.”  A proven shooter, not just a ballhandler.
  • Regarding the remaining scholarship, going to try to find out what the team needs the most as the year goes on and see who’s developing.  “We’ll be looking for the 11’s who are available.”  Okay with using it on a ’12.
  • With just 10 players on scholarship right now, tough to redshirt anyone.
  • Evan Smotrycz has watched film, most of the guys haven’t watched much film in their lives.  Most high schools don’t have the resources necessary to scout and watch film.
  • Whenever there’s an opportunity to fast break, you must get at least a good shot off of it.  With a man or more advantage, shouldn’t turn the ball over like they did a few times against USC Upstate.  Thought defense let down a few times against Upstate even though Michigan put up good numbers.
  • Have always tried to push the ball unless they were up by 10 points with two minutes left.  Just a matter of players wanting to run the floor the right way, putting their heads down, not running with their hands up.
  • Looks like the the practice facility will be ready by next November.

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