2012 Q&A: Forward Mitch McGary

Photo Credit: Jody Demling, Courier Journal

Mitch McGary is a 6-11 big man  originally out of Indiana who isn’t quite sure yet if he’ll be graduating with the 2011’s or 2012’s. McGary is originally from Chesterton, Zack Novak’s hometown, but recently switched schools and now attends Brewster Academy in New Hampshire. Mitch has a laundry list of offers from a ton of big schools but has yet to pick one up from Michigan. Here’s what he had  to say about the recruiting process, his relationship with Novak, his plans to visit Michigan, and more.

Describe your game. Basically, I can go back to the basket but I like to get out and shoot the 3 and the 18-footer. I can do that well but a lot of coaches like to put me inside. Whatever they want, I’ll play. I’m like, 6-11 255 but I still run the floor really well. I like running a lot and I get out in transition a lot and score my easy buckets that way. But mainly I’m a guy who likes to get in the post and fight and play against other bigs. I can usually take them out and stuff, like a blue-collar worker. I usually get my points on fast breaks.

Can you run down your list of offers? IU, Purdue, Marquette, Ole Miss, Oregon State, Miami (FL), Cincinnati, Xavier, Dayton and Ball State. I think that’s about it.

Michigan hasn’t offered you, but they have been recruiting you, correct? Yeah, I’ve been talking to Coach Meyer.

Have you been talking to Michigan for a while? I mean, I know Zack Novak really well — we played together. They were kind of interested in me, but my grades were an issue but I came to Brewster and now my grades are doing really well. I think they’ve taken an interest in me and my game’s been improving and stuff. I think they like my game and they want to start recruiting me. It’s been interesting now for about a month, month and a half.

Do you have a list or is it too early? It’s a little early.  I think I might be in 2012, so I’m not really sure about any schools right now.

When will you know whether you’ll graduate 2011 or 2012? Probably soon.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to be 2012, but I some schools want me for 2011 and some for 2012. Coach Smith at Brewster said probably 2012 because of the classes I’m taking.

Have you ever visited Michigan? No, I haven’t. I’m pretty sure I’m coming up for a game on the 29th of December.

You know Novak, does that give you any familiarity with the program? Not really, I don’t really talk to him that much. I mean, if I talk to him it’s just about, like, ‘hey, how you doing,’ and stuff. But he seems to like it and he and I are cool. If he likes it, I’d probably like it. I like this school, I like Coach Beilein a lot, but I just didn’t really watch. I like their style of play, they shoot a lot of 3’s and I like that too but I don;t really know much about it.

Any Michigan coaches at practices or games? No, actually Coach Mayer was supposed to be at one of our games but his flight got canceled because he got snowed in. So, they couldn’t come.

Any other visits planned for the near future? Possibly some schools in the Big East, I’m not sure yet. I know in the winter I’m going down to IU and possibly Purdue. Going to try to stay local during the winter but I’ll possibly get out and score other schools in the springtime.

How do you see yourself fitting into Michigan’s offense? I can see myself being the guy doing the dirty work, getting rebounds and then stepping out for a 3. That’s, like, the best part of my game, shooting the 3. But it’s whatever the coach wants me to do, just have to do it well.

Anything specific you’re focused on improving about your game right now? I’m kind of looking for my 3-point shot right now, it wasn’t feeling good. But over the summer, it was really good. Just got to get that back. My handles and my quickness. My strength’s been getting up there, I’ve been lifting a lot more and gaining weight and stuff. My strength’s going good, just need to get my handles and my quickness back.

Any player people compare you to? Some people say I play like Chris Bosh. I can go up for rebounds and stuff but I can mainly stay outside and set high ball screens and step out and take the shot when needed.

What ultimately goes into your decision? I want it to be a good school because I’m probably going to college for four years. I mean, you never know, but as of right now, I’d probably be going there for four years. I want to have a good academic program. I want to play in my first year. That’d be my decision overall.

Any timeframe for commitment? It’s still up in the air, I’m not really sure.

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