2010-2011 Season

Video: John Beilein after Concordia Win

Here’s video of John Beilein during his post-game press conference after Michigan’s 86-65 win over Concordia College.

Also be sure to check out the post-game videos of Stu, Jordan and Tim below. Notes and quotes from Beilein after the jump.

  • Concordia was able to stay with Michigan. “A very entertaining basketball game.” Concordia forward Rocko Holmes was “terrific” and provided a good lesson on how you play “with your body on a man and the ball away.”
  • “Hats off to them because they really played a great game.”
  • “We’re having some trouble guarding out on the perimeter with all three of our true freshmen.” So Michigan gave the Cardinals some 3-point opportunities they’d like to have back. Rocko “kept them in the game as long as he could.”
  • If he could do it again, would double-team down low but then you have to worry about 3-point shots and they had a few guys who could fill it from long range.
  • The game was close and “maybe it shouldn’t be close sometimes” when you’re looking at size, length, etc.
  • Don’t think his team overlooked Concordia at all. It’s hard to guard a bunch of little shooters running around a good post player, especially for a young team. Similar to what the Wolverines saw against Harvard.
  • Talking on defense was a concern in this one. Freshmen really having trouble with talking to each other and make sure they’re communication. They’ll get better at it as the year goes on.
  • Rocko “had a little bit of craftiness to his game.” He knows how to “get into the body” more than Jordan Morgan. Has different ways of getting the ball.
  • Can’t blame the game on fatigue because the Cardinals played on Saturday as well.
  • “We are reliant on four or five guys right now” and Michigan still needs to get guys used to coming off the bench.
  • Stu Douglass “knows his role right now.” As the coaching staff works with Evan Smotrycz defensively so he can guard perimeter players, Stu will see more minutes for defensive reasons.
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