2010-2011 Season

Video: John Beilein after Utah Win

Here’s John Beilein talking to the media in his post-game press conference immediately following his team’s 75-64 win over Utah.

As usual, check out the post-game video of Darius, Tim and Jon talking about the game. Notes and quotes from Beilein’s presser after the jump.

  • Team defense in the first half was “very, very good.” Were able to get some easy offense. Second half his team was able to execute just enough to keep distance.
  • Good at driving the ball and knew that would be difficult to guard, would have to score a lot of points. Got production from different players at different times.
  • “I’m really proud of our team.”
  • Wasn’t thinking about revenge for last year, when Michigan went on the road against Utah and lost, just one of those games you have to win.
  • Darius Morris “has been very receptive to his self-improvement.” Said he’s learning what he can do on the court, off the court and as a leader. Has made major steps this year.
  • The lob pass (like the one Darius tried to throw to Jon Horford) hasn’t been something that worked, would have rather had Darius just get him the ball and let Jon dunk it.
  • Had to hang on and make some shots in the 2nd half. Utah was very good at getting to the line and had quick perimeter players. Jon’s 3 in the second half was huge.
  • Shot free throws well, had a good number of assists.
  • Great bench play from Jon, Eso Akkune and Matt Vogrich, and “that’s key for us.”
  • Have seen “tremendous improvement in all three of (the big men).” Bacari Alexander has done a terrific job coaching them. Horford had one of his best weeks of practice last week but sat him against Concordia because of the knee.
  • Told Tim Hardaway Jr. to play like he did in high school: “shoot it when you’re open, keep it moving when you’re not.”
  • Need to show Evan Smotrycz “how he can be effective.” Has a great attitude and he’ll get better.
  • If Vogrich and Tim are both playing well, Eso is “just waiting his turn.” Got a good turn today. “He has done nothing but try his hardest to get in the lineup and tonight he got a chance.”

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