Friday Links

  • Game Preview: Oakland at Michigan
    A great preview of Saturday’s game from the Golden Grizzlies Gameplan including some thoughts from yours truly.
  • One man’s opinion
    Markowski defends his decision to rank Brundidge at #8 in the preseason. Ranking Brundidge at #8 comes off as a misguided attempt to drum up debate. Discounting “summer basketball” to defend your position when your rankings included Jalen Reynolds, who only played summer basketball, at #2 isn’t just misguided, it’s bush league.
  • In other Brundidge news, here’s video of his monster block versus Romulus.
  • Michigan vs. Oakland Tickets
    Tickets starting at $5, it doesn’t get much cheaper.
  • Beilein Ball?
    Big Ten Geeks examine this new Michigan team that looks like they play defense.
  • Chat with Jay Bilas
    File this Jay Bilas quote in the “getting ahead of yourself” category: And, I would not be surprised if Michigan made it this year. John Beilein has far more talent in Ann Arbor than he was given credit for. He just needs to get that talent to play at a high level together. Darius Morris is terrific, and the new kids have a chance to be really good.
  • Rebound margin is dead? That was fast.
  • Oakland center Keith Benson has gone from unheard of to almost unstoppable
    Rothstein profiles Keith Benson and his rapid rise from skinny 7-footer to NBA prospect.
  • Impact of new secondary violations rule
    Telep on new NCAA rules allowing coaches to be suspended for secondary violations
  • Introducing the kPOY
    KenPom handicaps the player of the year race and three of the top 10 candidates play in the Big Ten: Leuer (2), Sullinger (3), and Moore (8). Conference play starts in 11 days.

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