2010-2011 Season

Video: John Beilein Meets with Media Before Oakland

John Beilein had a chance to talk with the media before Saturday’s game against the Oakland Grizzlies.  New backdrop this time as that press conference was held in the Junge Center and not the production studio. Notes and quotes are after the jump.

  • “Oakland’s excited about this game, we’re excited about this game.” They have a “tremendous” resume so far, on the road playing really good teams. Developed into a very good team, reminds him of a Big Ten team.
  • “They may play zone against us … we have not seen much zone (from them) it’s been mostly man.” Tough in a lot of ways. Benson is a shot-blocker and Hudson is an “offensive rebounding machine.”
  • Benson has developed into a very versatile player. Saw that from his two step-back 3-pointers against Tennessee. He was difficult to guard two years ago. “We try to label kids at 16, 17 years old,” but it’s about what they’re going to be like at 21, 22 that matters.
  • Will try to use all three bigs on Benson, but can’t forget about their guard play, which has been good.
  • On Jordan Morgan’s propensity to pick up early fouls: “I’ll turn to him during the game, ‘Do you like sitting here?'” There are ways to combat it depending on where your hands are, trying to get Morgan to show his hands. Jon Horford has the same habit.
  • Benson is a good player, but “He’s not alone. That is a good team.”
  • Have watched every game and seen how differently opposing coaches have played them. They have always been able to score points. “They have a tremendous coach.”
  • Jordan Dumars should be available to play against Bryant, but it might be hard to get him too involved in the lineup right away, partly because he’s not 100 percent back from his knee and he’s a little out of shape because of it.
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