2010-2011 Season

Video: John Beilein After Oakland Win

Video of John Beilein’s post-game press conference following Michigan’s 69-51 win over Oakland:

Be sure to check out video of post-game interviews with Darius, Jordan and Stu as well. We also have notes and quotes from the presser after the jump.

  • “I wasn’t sure if we could defend them and have to score more points.” But the players bought in and Michigan was able to “really check ’em.” Know they’re a young team so they probably aren’t going to “out-maneuver” teams offensively but on defense if they can keep games shorter they can pull some out.
  • The approach to guarding Benson “changed throughout the game.” Having Evan Smotrycz sag off of him to help was one thing they tried. They have “101 ways to get him the ball.” Had to give him extra attention.
  • Loved the Big Ten-like intensity, but thought it might have taken away from their poise a little bit at times.
  • Have to continue to get Tim Hardaway Jr. to think positive. Missed a lot of wide-open looks in the first half, affected his confidence a little bit. Needs to go out and attack and follow his shots.
  • “Haven’t given (they young guys) much of a choice” when it comes to picking up the defense. Really been stressing it/spending a lot of time on defense in practice. Have to want to play it.
  • Said Zack’s shot “looks so good right now.” In the past it was off-balance and wouldn’t look like it was going in, but every one looks like it’s going in now.
  • Michigan doesn’t always come with the hardest, most physical box-outs, so they’ve been trying to get more physical when going after rebounds. Was disappointed with the several rebounds that got knocked out of their hands.
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