2010-2011 Season

Video: John Beilein After Ohio State Loss

Here’s video of John Beilein’s post-game press conference following his team’s 68-64 loss to Ohio State. Notes and quotes after the jump.

  • “This was really a good basketball game.” Both teams shot over 50 percent but there was still good defense, few turnovers.
  • For Ohio State: “No one on the perimeter seems to be concened as much with his game as getting the best open shot for their team.”
  • Jordan Morgan getting in foul trouble “didn’t give us as much of an inside presence as we would like to have today.” Have to focus on the next practice. “I know I see progress, even through the losses.”
  • On the plan for Jared Sullinger: “We were trying to throw some different angles at him … keep him off the block as much as possible and try to show him a lot of extra attention.” Tried to keep the ball out of his hands.
  • Said sometimes Morgan’s fouls were more about Sullinger and others than Morgan. Ohio State knows how to draw fouls. “It’s difficult when you play a kid of that size, it’s difficult to keep good post position.”
  • On Evan Smotrycz playing the five: “I’m seeing a little more bounce in Evan right now … he’s very intelligent on the court, for the most part.”
  • Said Ohio State was switching a lot on screens and staying at home on shooters, which left a big guy on Darius Morris a few times and he was able to take advantage.
  • “We’d like to get to the foul line more.”
  • “We have to be prepared to score in a variety of ways.”
  • “To get over the hump, you’ve got to be better than the breaks, better than the other team, you’ve got to stay so focused, you’ve got to be better than any calls that don’t go your way.” Tougher to do than people think.
  • Praised the shooting of Diebler, Lighty, Buford and Craft. Wary with the zone because it gave OSU open 3-pointers. “To hold them to that many points is a good day.”
  • Said he thought the atmosphere was great, met Brady Hoke in the locker room before the game and was instantly a big fan.
  • Doesn’t feel like Michigan is 1-3 in the Big Ten. Never been 1-3 “in this manner.” “We’re playing tough teams and we’re competing.”
  • On Ohio State shooting 18 more free throws than Michigan: “I’d rather not address that publicly.” Ohio State is good at drawing fouls, can’t use that as an excuse.

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