2010-2011 Season

John Beilein Talks Minnesota

John Beilein was made available to the media today. He talked about his team’s recent struggles on the road and their upcoming game against Minnesota. Video is below, notes and quotes are after the jump.

  • On beating Minnesota four straight times: “No, I don’t think we have anybody’s number and nobody’s got our number.” The teams have changed every year.
  • “Hopefully we can shoot the ball well, execute and defend their inside-out game.”
  • Blake Hoffarber is “amazing.” Gets his feet and hands set faster than almost anyone Beilein has seen. “It’s harder then people would think.” Now has the ability to get his shot off one-on-one, not just in space and has developed into a complete player.
  • “Part of our defense is our offense,” meaning that it’s harder to play good defense when you’re always in transition because the other team is rebounding your misses and getting out on the break. Thats what happened against Northwestern.
  • Against Indiana, “I can’t tell you why we guarded the ball screen the way we did, but it was not good.” There wasn’t very good communication on those all game.
  • There are a lot of opportunities still on the schedule to beat top-50 teams. One of the benefits of playing in such a good league.
  • “Our practice yesterday was very good.” The team is resilient and they know how to bounce back. Looking to get better through the adversity.
  • “When you go on the road, you have to be exceptionally good.” Referenced Notre Dame losing at St. John’s and North Carolina losing at Georgia Tech.
  • On whether he thinks his team is better this year than last year: “I don’t think so, not yet.”
  • As losses pile up, knows it’s a fact that some teams can fall into “funks.” It’s his job to make sure that doesn’t happen. “Every day there’s a different lesson to be learned, there’s a different quote on the board.”
  • On Darius Morris: “He’s starting to get to the rim like Manny got to the rim.” Would like to see him focus on getting to the basket even more.
  • On Crisler renovations: said he really likes what he’s seen, and he’s willing to take fewer seats if it means a better fan experience.

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