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Video: John Beilein Breaks Down MSU, Iowa

Some video of John Beilein speaking with the media today about last night’s big win over Michigan State and his team’s upcoming game against Iowa. Notes and quotes after the jump.

  • Exciting evening last night for “Wolverine Nation,” said he got an email from the Dean of the Business School, sent from India. Got an call from Mark Hollis, MSU AD, as well, congratulating his team.
  • Not going to hang onto the win for too long because of the quick turnaround for Iowa. Good win for the program because of the rivalry and because Michigan State has controlled the rivalry for so long.
  • On Zack Novak’s outside shooting: “He worked a great deal last year on his shooting and changed his delivery a little bit.” Would go up off-balance a lot last year, which made him streaky. Worked all summer to avoid the “1-for-6 days.”
  • Was very impressed with Tim Hardawy Jr.’s rebounding last night, said he’s starting to realize he can make things happen down there with his long arms and athleticism. Said Tim was executing part of the rebounding game plan, which was to have the bigs not worry as much about getting the ball as staying with their box-out and letting the guards clean up.
  • How dangerous is Iowa, a 1-7 team in the Big Ten? “Just as dangerous as a 1-6 team that just won in East Lansing.”
  • Will show his team the “self-improvement parts of yesterday’s game.” Said it’s crucial to do that before practice, gives them energy.
  • Saw Zack Novak’s red-faced rant to his team this morning on ESPN, didn’t notice it in the game because he was talking to assistants. “Our guys on the team understand the passion that he plays with … he believes so much in this team and this University.”
  • On if playing on national television affects his team’s play: “That’s a great question, but I would doubt it,” especially because the Big Ten Network gets them so much exposure anyway.
  • Has been happy with Tim’s shot selection. Said Tim has one of those shots that has such a quick release and his release point is high enough so that he can get it off in really tight situations, specifically at the end of the shot clock. Referenced the long 3-point attempt at the end of the game that could have iced it.

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