2011 Q&A: Larry Nance Jr.


I caught up with a player who has just recently popped up on Michigan’s recruiting radar, 2011 forward/wing Larry Nance Jr. (profile & video) I talked to Larry about his game, what Michigan has told him regarding an offer and what he thinks of the Wolverines.

Describe your game. I just feel like I’m a versatile 3-4 man. I’m 6-7. I feel like I can play pretty much any position on the floor, guard any position on the floor and, I mean, I score inside-out and I get a lot of rebounds.

You grew quite a bit recently, correct? Yes. From my sophomore year to my senior year I grew six inches and put on 75 pounds.

How has that affected your game? As a sophomore, I didn’t start on J.V. and over that summer I just grew, worked on my game and I’ve turned into a varsity starter. It’s changed me from just a standing-around 3-point shooter to more of a swing 3-man who can shoot 3’s also.

So would you say you have good guard skills for a big man? Yes. I mean, I’ve always been a point guard on every team I’ve played on all my life. Then all the sudden last year I had to change to a big. I feel like it helped a ton with footwork, ballhandling and shooting.

Do you feel comfortable in the post? I really do. That’s definitely, I feel, a strong point in my game. I have quite a few post moves that work.

How has the season gone for your high school team? Great. We’re 14-1 right now and ranked in the top-25 in our state.

How has the season gone for you personally? Good. I mean, I’m averaging 18 points and 10 rebounds. Really good. Recently teams have tried to double-team me and triple-team me and tried to slow us down but a lot of guys on our team have stepped up.

Which Michigan coaches have been talking with you? I’ve spoken with Coach Meyer and Coach Beilein quite often, actually.

Have they been at practices or games? Yeah, Coach Meyer was at my game this past Tuesday.

Have you been offered by Michigan? I have not, no.

What are Michigan coaches telling you regarding an offer? They just say they have one scholarship available and if I keep showing them what they like to see, I’m definitely in the running for it.

Have they given you any sort of time frame on when they would make a decision? No, they haven’t told me any specific time.

Any other offers on the table? I have some MAC offers, Horizon League and A10.

Should Michigan offer, would they be number one on your list? They’d very much be first.

Have you visited? I came up for the home Penn State game.

What’d you think? It’s awesome. It really is. It’s a great atmosphere.

Any other Michigan visits planned? Yeah, we’re hoping to catch another game real soon once the coaching staff is real, like, not busy for a weekend, then we’re going to head up there and actually visit.

What do you like about Michigan? I really like the way coach Beilein coaches, I like that it seems like every player on the team is a good person, a good player and good to be around. Coming from Ohio I know it’s uncommon, but I’ve always been really rooting for Michigan. I really think it’s a cool place to be.

How do you see yourself fitting into Michigan’s offense? I think right now they might not have that slashing, athletic presence who plays above the rim and I think I could provide that.

Anything specific you’re focused on improving about your game right now? Rebounding. Offensive rebounding and just going after every ball.

Any player (besides maybe your father, Larry Nance Sr.) who people compare you to? Actually, a lot of my friends say I play like Rudy Gay for the Memphis Grizzlies.

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