2010-2011 Season

Video: John Beilein on Indiana Win

Video of John Beilein’s post-game presser following his team’s 73-69 win over Indiana at Crisler Arena. As usual, notes and quotes are after the jump.

  • “Up until we missed the foul shots in the last four or five minutes, we really played very well. We’re learning more about what it takes to win. We still have some rough spots here and there … but it’s a good win for us.”
  • “We’re in sort of the thick of things now.” Likes being 6th in the league and having 16 wins overall.
  • Tim Hardaway Jr. has probably never missed four free throws in his life at anytime anywhere.” Said he will rep his players more at the charity stripe but won’t make a huge deal about it.
  • On the NCAA Tournament: “I don’t know about that. We’re going to let other people decide that … Being in a conference like the Big Ten, there’s opportunities out there.”
  • “Everybody plays us differently.” The game is about deciding how to counter how you’re being played.
  • Said four or five of the free throws were halfway down, also cited the fact that his team has played four games in nine days, could have been tired.
  • “Tim’s light is getting real green right now. Really green.” Said he’s learning how to pick his spots and his teammates are doing a good job of finding him.
  • On the last stretch of the game: “Just foul shots … We did everything right during that time.” Said they had two turnovers, but other than that played well except for when they were at the line.
  • On guarding Jordan Hulls: “You got to guard him all the way in the locker room.” Thought Stu Douglass did a good job on him.
  • Always assume questionable players are going to play, did that with Watford. “He could come out there in crutches and we’d say, ‘you never know.'”
  • On the closing minutes: “There were a couple times when we should have challenged on the fast break and looked for a wide-open layup.”
  • I just love coaching this team … I hope people that come here embrace these young men because they play with such passion and they love the University of  Michigan.”

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