2010-2011 Season

Video: John Beilein Previews Wisconsin

Here’s John Beilein on what his team needs to do to beat the Badgers tomorrow. The video is split up into two parts today. The second part begins with him talking about Evan Smotrycz. As usual, notes and quotes are after the jump. Make sure to check out the interviews with Jordan Morgan and Tim Hardaway Jr. below as well.

  • It’s rare to be in a position at the end of the season where you have the chance to play enough upper-tier teams to put you into the field of 68. “We have opportunities here, we’re going to do everything we can to take advantage of them.”
  • “We hope that as the year goes on our team improves mentally and the game slows down.” The difference between Michigan’s freshmen and Wiscosnin’s seniors was very evident in the first game.
  • Must avoid fouling, but Wisconsin is great at drawing them.
  • On how Wisconsin slows the game down: “If you go down and you have a wide-open look, you got to have the swagger to take it. At the same time, you know that if you don’t make it you’re going to spend another 30 seconds on defense.”
  • On Jordan Taylor: Whatever you try to take away from him, he just sees it … and takes something back from you.” Great vision, plays 35 minutes per game with one turnover per game.
  • Not sure if Michigan will try to pick up the pace. Will keep working until they get the right shot.
  • Jordan Taylor is “very comparable” to Darius Morris in his freshman and sophomore years. Played off Trevon Hughes last year, has improved his jumpshot tremendously this year.
  • On Zack Novak’s charge-taking against Iowa: “I think he understands whether he is in the right position or not, and I do as well.” Said he’s confident those reviewing the tape will make the correct decision if those were good calls or bad calls.
  • Stu will be starting against Wisconsin. “That’s four good starts we’ve gotten off to. It makes sense.”
  • On Tim Hardaway Jr.: “Everyone’s confidence is going to be enhanced when they have success. And the last month or so, he’s really had some consistent play.”

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