2010-2011 Season

Video: John Beilein Previews Minnesota

Video of John Beilein talking about why he was glad his team was down the day after the Wisconsin game, how he’s framing Michigan’s NCAA Tournament chances and what the Wolverines will have to do to leave Minnesota with a victory on Saturday. Notes and quotes are after the jump.

  • “I think we’ve recovered from the disappointing loss to Wisconsin.” Said the team talked yesterday about what they could learn from it and how to move forward immediately.
  • Will have their hands full against Minnesota and their “big, long Syracuse-type zone.”
  • On whether the team came in yesterday in a down mood: “Yeah, and I’d be disappointed if they weren’t (in that mood).” But watched video of earlier Minnesota  game and moved on. Didn’t do much yesterday with guys who play a lot.
  • Said at home, it’s easier to fall into a false perception that you’re unbeatable at home. On the road, you always expect a “battle … You know you have to be better than all the elements. It’s just different.”
  • Has been in stretches like this where it seems like his team is always getting beat by a buzzer-beater. “Are we a better or worse team if we had won all three of these or lost all three of these? I mean, no. It’s determined by a lot of things that are out of your control.”
  • Without Al Nolan, Minnesota does some different things defensively. Have gone from being a pressure-oriented defense to a zone team. “And they play very good defense … Tubby has turned a negative into a positive.”
  • It was that zone that tripped Michigan up in the second half the first time the two teams met. Minny had played very little zone up to that point, Michigan didn’t know how to counter it.
  • On Michigan’s chances of getting into the NCAA Tournament: “We have the opportunity to win the Big Ten Tournament. Nobody can take that away from us … who knows how many you have to win.” Wisconsin was one “that was there, but it didn’t happen.”
  • Team is getting older and older by the day, meaning even when we refer to their “young players,” those guys have played a lot of minutes. Jordan Morgan specifically is giving off a sense of confidence “that is settling to a team.”
  • On Zack Novak’s poor shooting of late: “He’s in a little three-game slump here that he would go through if he was a guard or a forward … who knows? … you can speculate all you want, and we speculate.”
  • Guys like Stu Douglass, Matt Vogrich and Tim Hardaway Jr. who can really stretch the floor with their range open up lanes for Darius Morris and Jordan Morgan inside.

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