2010-2011 Season

Video: John Beilein Previews Michigan State

Video of John Beilein from media availability today. The coach discussed having some time to focus on improving his team vs. preparing them for a specific opponent, how he keeps his eye on bubble teams and what his team will have to do to sweep the Spartans. Notes and quotes are after the jump.

  • Talking about Michigan-Michigan State: both teams have a long, proud history and while State has been great over the past decade and a half, “and that’s our goal — to get that consistency back in our program.”
  • As far as controlling emotions of his players for such a big game, said he’ll “speak a little bit about it, but let’s go play.
  • On what he’s doing tonight: “I’m going recruiting.” Said it’s hard for him to sleep most nights, and tonight shouldn’t be any different.
  • “Because of the Kansas game … we haven’t had one time since Christmas when we can focus on ourselves.” Sunday, Monday and Tuesday they “spent a lot of time just making ourselves better and then we went through a normal prep like we would for any game.”
  • Said he’s been involved in quite a few rivalry games (referenced Le Moyne v. Gannon). “There’s a lot of excitement and a lot of interest. And other than that, it’s a game.”
  • On State: “Their talent is just incredible.” Have to make sure they’re shooting guarded shots, limit second opportunities and their transition offense.
  • “I’m sure they have a great plan, have had great practices, they have a great coach. They’ll be ready and hopefully we will be as well.”
  • The game in East Lansing was “certainly significant for our confidence.”
  • On how his team has improved: “We have a more defined rotation and people just really know their roles a lot better … now (the young guys) have a little more experience and they don’t have to wait until next year.”
  • On keeping an eye on the bubble: “I think I just opened up my ESPN Insider account just to see if I could do it,” but it’s not the focus right now.

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