Report: Darius Morris to Test NBA Draft Waters


The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Darius Morris will test the NBA Draft process but not hire an agent.

“He’s going to test the waters,” DeWayne said. “He’s not going to hire an agent. He’s going to go through the process as if he was going to enter the draft.”

“That’s always been his goal to go to the NBA,” DeWayne said. “He wanted to try it out and see where he stands. It can definitely work out. Next year he’ll be familiar with the process and know what he has to work on. If it works, he has a chance to live out his dream also had a chance to see what he can be better at. That’s his dream. Give it a shot.”

Testing the waters and not hiring an agent is a move that makes sense. If Morris gets a first round guarantee, he should go. If not, he still has the opportunity to return to school. The deadline to withdraw from the NBA Draft is May 8th.

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