2010-2011 Season

Video: John Beilein’s Postseason Wrap Up

John Beilein was available to media for lunch and to talk about the 2010-2011 season, Darius Morris testing the draft waters, improvements in recruiting and much more. Notes and quotes are after the jump.

  • Have eight hours to work with players once the season is over. “It’s been tremendous how hard they’re working. I think our team has an incredible hunger now that they’ve had a taste of what hard work and togetherness can bring.”
  • Using the limited hours to get the players started on workouts constructed by coaches and the strength staff to work on in the offseason.
  • Will be unable to use Crisler for much of the offseason because of construction. Players will use IM Building and wrestling weight room, still figuring out how to do training table, might be with football team.
  • Trey Burke and Carlton Brundidge will be around for summer term.
  • Not too worried about heightened expectations next year after this year’s success. Referenced the win at Michigan State heightening expectations as the year went on. “They’ve handled some of that (this season) somewhat.”
  • On the staff and the chemistry that developed throughout the season: “I think we all have some strengths … we just fed off each other.” Said he delegated more, and the coaches earned that as the season went on.
  • “Within two days after the season was over I called Darius into the office.” Said he wanted to make sure if Darius was going to test the draft waters that he did it the right way and listening to the right people. Going to go through the Undergraduate Advisory Committee and “gather information. And that’s all that’s happening right now.” Said he, Darius and Darius’ father all agreed that this was the best way to go about things.
  • “There’s nothing we want more than for Darius Morris to have a career in the NBA.” Stressed that they want him to have a “career,” not just to get there.
  • As for next season, will work on being better with more than one big man in the game. Had to go with four guards quite a bit, would like to have more freedom in that regard. “That’s the biggest thing: can we get a little bit bigger?”
  • Couldn’t mention specific names, but recruiting has been “very positive.” Said it’s still being constructed and they would like to be more successful in the future but likes where it’s going. “We feel positive momentum.”
  • Went to see Trey Burke play. “He truly is a point guard … his quickness is exceptional.” Said he will help them a lot with quickness in the backcourt.
  • Carlton Brundidge had great quickness as well, “we’ll put Carlton in a bunch of ball screens and I think he’s really going to be very successful.”

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