2011 Michigan College Practice Camp Rosters

Michigan hosted its annual College Practice Camp, formerly called “Elite Camp”, today in Ann Arbor. This year’s camp might have been one of the most talented groups that John Beilein has hosted since arriving in Ann Arbor and the quality of play was strong in both sessions.

The event was highlighted by a who’s who of Michigan prospects, especially in the class of 2013. There were so many prospects that we’ll actually have two full posts of scouting reports, the first coming later this evening, but for now find the full rosters from the event after the jump.

2012 and 2013 Prospects

Alphabetical in two groups.

Andrew McAuliffe, Andrew Thompson, Austin Mashburn, Ben Esposito, Clark Bishop, D’Angelo Stewart, D’Vonte Dockery, DeAndre Johnson, Dillon Gordon, Dominic Jackson, Dominique Williams, Eli Staton, Elliot Pitts, Franko House, Glenn Baral, Jack Gibbs, Jon Marosi, Jonathon Harden, Josh Kozinksi, Juwan Martin, Kaion Seales, Kamari Davis, Kimani Jackson, Kyle Cooper, Lenard Hall, Leo Svete, Luke Ryskamp, Malachi Satterlee, Marcus Hall, Markese McGuire, Matt MacDonald, Nick Esposito, Oge Onwudiwe, Quante Hill, Quincy Norman, Richie Lewis, Robert Geoghegan, Ronald Morgan, Sedric Wytch Jr., Stephen Leonard, Terron Ramsey, Torin Wetzel, Zachary Litteson,

2014+ Prospects


Alex Dykema, Alex Frascone, Alex Mercurio, Anthony Wartley, Austin Thompson, Ben Cookingham, Bryant McIntosh, CJ Rivers, Calvin Graves, Charles Key, Connor Kern, Connor Plassins, David Welch, DaRohn Scott, Daequan Terrell, Darion Reddick, Darius Austin, Darryl Smith, DeShaun Thrower, Dejuan Currie, Devin Booker, Drake Harris, Elijah Robertson, Isaac Bowles, JB Basford, JaSean Tate, Jake Cohen, Jakob Lenders, Jamal Poplar, Jared Wangler, Javon Bess, Jordan Pickett, Justin Kearney, Kameron Garner, Keita Bates-Diop, Kenny Carpenter, Kyle Thompson, Luke Diekevers, Maceo Baston Jr., Malik Jackson, Matthew Clementz, Michael Davis, Micheal Misiak, Mike Laster, Nelson Cagle, Nicholas Hairston, Orlando Little, Patrick MacDonald, Perry Poindexter, Peyton Allen, Preston Huckaby, Sean Sellers, Stephen Westbrook, Tanner Eubank, Treonnie Scott, Troy Spears, Tucker Kik, Tyler Arens, Tyler Ulis, Tyler Wideman

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