Introducing Kevin Raftery and Other Site Notes

imageSeveral of our friends, rivals and companions in the Michigan sports realm have announced major staffing moves over the last month and now we want to take the opportunity to announce a move of our own. Kevin Raftery will be joining the team as a day-to-day correspondent in a role similar to Joe Stapleton’s last season. Raftery is essentially a utility man, he’ll cover games and press conferences, most likely dabble in recruiting and deal with any other duties that come up along the way.

Raftery is currently a senior editor at the Michigan Daily where he’ll be covering the Michigan football team this year. This spring he also traveled to Augusta to cover Michigan student Lion Kim at the Masters. He will still be invested in his football coverage at the Michigan Daily but you should start to see posts from him shortly and he will gradually post more as we draw closer to the season. You can also follow him on twitter.

Joe Eberhardt will continue to serve as our scouting eyes in the state of Indiana during the high school basketball season. Eberhardt provided a wealth of coverage during the July live-evaluation period and should prove a valuable resource as Michigan continues to expand it’s recruiting focus in the Hoosier state. As always you can find his state of Indiana-focused coverage at his website,

Josh Houchin is on board to serve as our resident video guru once again. He’s working on finishing the season highlight video now and will also be assisting with our Five Key Plays features once again. In his free time he’s working on starting a media company, Idea Fusion Media, which you can find on Facebook.

Other Notes

  • It’s no secret that things have been a bit slower here over the last month or two. We should start ramping up quickly as we move into season preview content as the start of practice is about a month and a half away.
  • We’re always on the look out for additional help so if you have any sort of unique talent – photography, video, web development or anything else – drop us a line.
  • We started a links module (top right tabs) back in June but let it die out, we’ll be posting links much more frequently in this space from now on (as well as our traditional links posts).
  • If you have any suggestions or ideas for the site, never hesitate to fire off an e-mail.

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