ESPN: Mitch McGary Updates Recruitment

mitch-mcgary-rivals[1]2012 target Mitch McGary updated his recruitment in a blog post on The blog entry is the first update on McGary’s recruitment with direct quotes in sometime. McGary discusses his visits to Michigan, North Carolina and Duke and denies rumors that he made a commitment to any school. McGary notes that the fans stood out on his Michigan visit and also discusses his future plans for visits and in-homes. You can read the full update here but here’s a snippet:

Zack Novak was my host during my two days there and that was cool because he’s from my hometown and we played together during my freshman year. I loved the campus and loved the social life there. I definitely got a chance to speak with the coaching staff there and they just talked to me about how much they wanted me there and about how much of an impact I could make right away.

I would say that the part that stood out most about the visit was the fans and just how much love they showed me. I really wasn’t expecting all of that. People talk about the Cameron Crazies at Duke, but that’s how it was at Michigan too. Those fans showed me the most love of the three visits.

.. I still want to go to Kentucky, Maryland and Florida, but I’m not sure that I’ll get to those schools just yet. I’d like to get there, but we’ll just have to see.

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