2014 Intro: Sean Sellers

Sean Sellers is a 6-foot-5 forward from Greensburg High School in Indiana, where he averaged 15.3 points and 6.7 rebounds as a freshman. He’s still early in the recruiting process, but he’s already garnered high major interest and is rated the No. 6 2014 prospect Indiana by Inside the Hall. Michigan coaches followed him on the July AAU circuit and more recently U-M assistant coach Jeff Meyer stopped by Greensburg for an open gym. I caught up with Sellers on Sunday to discuss his recruitment and unofficial visit to Michigan for the Eastern Michigan football game.

How would you describe your game? I’m a shooter, but if the defense will crowd me I can drive past them and I’ll dish to my teammates who will score inside.

What schools are recruiting you right now? Michigan, Butler, Purdue and maybe Michigan State a little bit.

Have any of those schools offered you a scholarship? No.

Have you visited Michigan yet? Yeah I went up there yesterday (Saturday) to the football game. It was fun and I liked it a lot.

What’d you do while you were there? We went tailgating from 9:30-11, and then the game. After they showed us Crisler Arena, the renovations and told us what they were gonna do and showed us the locker rooms and everything.

Who did you talk to? I talked to Coach Beilein, Coach Meyer, Coach Jordan, Coach Bacari and Stu Douglass.

What’d you think of the coaches? I liked all of them. They were pretty fun and energetic.

What about Stu Douglas, how was he? He’s pretty cool. He’s an Indiana guy too, so he talked to us about how most Indiana guys are shooters and how our games relate to each other.

Based on that, how do you think you would fit into the Michigan offense? I think I would fit in, because they space the floor out really well and cut, so that leaves a lot of driving lanes where you can penetrate and pitch for threes.

What other schools have you visited so far? Butler and Purdue. They were both pretty fun. They pretty much showed me the same things, the facilities and everything, like Michigan did.

How would you rate your visit with Michigan compared to the others? I think the football, the whole school atmosphere was probably a little better than the other two, but other than that they were mostly the same.

Did the coaches say anything about how you could fit into their plans for the future?
They compared me to a couple other players, like Stu and Evan Smotrycz.

Once you get closer to making a decision, what are the main criteria that will go into it? Probably how I fit into that program in their offensive and defensive schemes, and probably the academics, and then maybe how far it is away from home.

Are there any schools that stand out in particular right now? It’s probably too early to say right now to really say I have a major favorite or anything.

Do you have any idea of when you’d like to make a decision? Maybe next year, or going into my senior year probably.

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