Register a Disqus Profile, Win a Prize

imageImproving the UMHoops community and commenting section is one of the primary missions for our team. Earlier this summer we implemented the Disqus commenting system and the results have generally been positive. As we near the upcoming season we want to continue to make positive strides in the community. In order to do that we’ve made a couple changes and also have a request.

The most notable change is that new comments will be posted in real-time. Newly submitted comments will appear instantly without the need to refresh the page. This might not have a large impact now but should be a huge boost for in-game discussion.

More importantly we want to encourage everyone to register for the comments section. Registering will allow you to make a meaningful impact on the community and also make our lives easier.

Registration is easy and all you need is a valid e-mail address. The four step process is simple: (1) Click Post As… (2) Navigate to the Disqus tab (3) Click ‘Register a new Disqus profile (4) Fill out the required information (username, e-mail and password) and click Register.

You can also link up various social networking accounts and will be able to maintain the same posting alias while tracking old posts and likes. When you sign up for your Disqus profile you will be able to associate old comments you’ve made based on your e-mail address. Having more registered users should cut down on drive-by commenters and spammers while allowing regular users to build a reputation. It will also allow us to moderate the comments more efficiently by having a group of trusted users. During the season we may even require that comments from unregistered users require moderation before displaying.

We want you to register so badly that we’re going to bribe you. Any registered users that comment on this thread will be entered into a drawing to win one of three free DVD copies of ESPN’s Fab Five documentary. The contest is open to new and old users alike, as long as you comment on this post with a registered profile before Friday at 7 p.m.

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