2011-2012 Season

Video, Notes & Quotes: John Beilein Previews Wayne State

On Thursday, John Beilein sat down in a roundtable discussion just a day before the Wolverines’ first exhibition game of the season. Here’s video of the interview, along with notes and quotes after the jump.

On Horford’s progression…

  • He’s making progress. “He doesn’t do things that a senior would do yet, but he doesn’t do things that many freshmen would do.”
  • He’s rebounding more because of his built-up strength.

On how many guys he’d like to see play on Friday…

  • Like to see 10 guys play, “but I don’t know if we’ll get there.”
  • It’s an exhibition, but at the same time you play to win the game.
  • There’s 6 games scheduled before Thanksgiving, and you’d like to win each one. “This is the start to that.”

On what he’ll see tomorrow that he hasn’t been able to in practice…

  • This’ll be similar to the team scrimmage.
  • Says he’ll see what type of shape his team is in. “We’re using all 20 hours right now, and we’re light on film, heavy on lifting and practice.”
  • Still don’t know exactly what type of shape you’re in until you play in a game with all the emotions and everything that goes into it.  “You burn a lot of energy.”
  • Will see defensively “how we are as a group, who picks up changes in the game.” Going to do different things and see who picks up on it.

On what he was most pleased about in the team scrimmage…

  • Times when veterans looked like veterans, but there were also some “What were you thinking?” moments.
  • Could tell there was a confidence that they’re comfortable playing with each other.

On being able to tell Michigan’s not buying into the preseason hype…

  • Want to prove that Michigan is around to stay, but “it’s gonna be a battle.”
  • Still not letting the hype get to them, but want to keep a healthy confidence as well.

On the new facilities…

  • Really likes it, but “there wasn’t any time to take a tour.”
  • Has been assured that they’re going to start painting the new court soon.
  • Everybody is “really working hard on it.” Can’t wait for everybody else to see it.
  • Not gonna be perfect for a while, but “we’re working at it.”

On Vogrich…

  • He missed the scrimmage with a knee sprain, but “he’s back to 100 %.” Really just a precautionary thing.
  • He’s shot the ball well, playing with a lot of confidence.

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