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Video, Notes and Quotes: John Beilein on 59-33 Win Over Ferris State

It wasn’t pretty, but Michigan got the ‘W’ in a 59-33 victory over Ferris State. Here is video along with notes and quotes of what John Beilein had to say after the game:

Notes and quotes after the jump.

  • It’d be fair to say that the defense is a little ahead of the offense right now. Still trying to figure out ways to score, but very pleased with the defense.
  • On Burke not starting: He was late for team walk-through today, so “it was an easy decision. He’s a really good kid but he was late enough so that it wasn’t like a one-minute thing. He’ll learn from it and he’ll get better from it.” Said it was a pretty typical freshman mistake, not a big deal.
  • Burke will also have some “other things to do tomorrow in practice.” In other words, he better come ready to run. A lot.
  • On Douglass: “One of the things I really want Stu to do is think like a 2 guard instead of always running the team. I want him to hunt things. I really value a guy that comes off the bench that can score.” Trying to create opportunities for Stu to score.
  • Horford and Morgan are having trouble finishing in crowds. Both are playing a little tentative.
  • On Akunne, who played a surprising 7 minutes: “He’s been practicing well. Some people needed a rest so he got in there and did a good job.” Colton Christian had a good week of practice as well, but “we just can’t get them all in there.”
  • Smotrycz, who had 14 points, including three 3-pointers, often “beats himself up” if he misses a shot. Working on changing that. Tonight was a step in the right direction.
  • Douglass and Smotrycz were both scoreless last week against Wayne State, but against Ferris they led the team with 14 points a piece. “Those two guys need to find ways to get us points…they have to be more than just jump shooters.” Stu had a great drive to the basket today where he “looked like a driver.” Trying to do more of that with both him and Evan.
  • Smotrycz has taken his game to “another level” – diving on the floor, taking charges, playing defense.
  • Came out of the second half trying to get the ball inside after struggling to make shots in the first. “That’s when you gotta take it to the basket, you gotta throw the ball inside, you can’t be afraid to back cut, and you gotta get to the foul line.”
  • Hardaway posted up a little more often than usual. But whethere it’s on the inside or outside, Hardaway is “gonna be guarded by their best defensive player probably every game, and he’s got to be ready for that.”
  • On the 21-1 run to end the game: “I saw us going after the ball so we can start the fast break…I thought we were in very good shape at the end.” Key is getting stops and handling the ball efficiently when you get those stops.
  • Not sure if Horford (who had 0 points) or Morgan will start on Monday. Gonna have to watch the film and evaluate this weekend. But with 7 or 8 scoring contributors, you’re going to have guys who don’t score. Last week it was Smotrycz and Douglass, tonight it was Horford.
  • Hardaway did a good job getting his own shots and driving to the basket when he could.

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