Scouting Video: Mitch McGary vs. New Hampton

Mitch McGary had 13 points in Brewster’s 76-42 win over New Hampton on Saturday. The Michigan commitment was one of six Brewster players to reach double figures and helped his to a 27-0 record on the season with a big showdown against Tilton scheduled for this afternoon. Watch scouting footage of McGary in action in the embedded media player below:

Video from New Hampton’s live broadcast stream. Find more scouting notes and thoughts on McGary’s game after the jump. 

  • McGary came off the bench as the sixth man for a very talented Brewster squad. Much has been made about his significant slip in the rankings but while his role is different at Brewster, he doesn’t necessarily look like a different player than the one I saw blow up in Pittsburgh last April.
  • His game is all about size and motor. He has a big body and he plays hard and physical when he’s in the game even if he’s a bit out of control at times.
  • I would say that he looked a step less explosive that he did in the summer – maybe nursing some minor leg injury? – but he still showed above average lateral quickness for a man his size; staying in front of smaller players by moving his feet and jumping in passing lanes.
  • What McGary didn’t show on Saturday was his offensive game away from the basket. On the AAU circuit he almost played a point-forward role at times but that element isn’t present at all within the Brewster offense. However, McGary did have a couple of great outlet passes off of rebounds which led to easy run outs.
  • In this game, McGary set a lot of high screens and did a good job of flashing to the hoop. When he got the ball down low he either converted or got fouled most of the time although his free throw shooting left a bit to be desired.
  • McGary’s ceiling at the next level is going to be defined by his ability to knock down 18 foot jumpers consistently. He didn’t attempt as many shots away from the hoop as we saw in AAU play but his jumper has generally been erratic throughout his career. When he’s hitting that shot, he becomes nearly impossible to defend.
  • McGary isn’t the No. 2 player in the country and his drop was warranted to a degree. That doesn’t mean that Michigan isn’t getting a great player that should make an immediate impact in the Michigan front court. His size and style of play should be a welcome addition to a team that has struggled on both backboards throughout most of Beilein’s tenure.
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