2014 Intro: Sean O’Mara

Sean O'MaraSean O’Mara is a 6-foot-8, 210-pound center out of Benet Academy in Lisle, Illinois. The sophomore has become a rather hot commodity in recent months and has already visited several big name schools, including Wisconsin, Northwestern, Purdue and Michigan. As it stands now, O’Mara said that Michigan is number one on his list although he still has plenty of time until he makes his decision.

For those who haven’t seen you play, can you describe your game a little bit? “I like to do a lot of back to the basket post up moves, and I’m working on my step-out game, facing up and stuff like that.”

Who’s been recruiting you so far? “I’ve talked to Michigan a lot, and then Purdue, Illinois, Northwestern and Wisconsin.”

Any scholarship offers? “UIC has offered me.”

Have you visited Michigan yet? “Yeah, I’ve visited Michigan twice already, and I plan on getting out there again soon.”

When did you visit before? “I came by to watch the basketball game when they played Wisconsin, and I came for the football game against Minnesota. Both visits were great. I got to talk to all the coaches. I really like Coach Lavall Jordan and Coach BA.”

Have you gotten a chance to see the new facilities? “Yeah, I got to go into the locker room after the game against Wisconsin and walk around there and I saw all the new stuff. I actually saw it when they were still building it the first time I visited, and then I got to go in and actually watch a game in the new arena and all that too.”

What’d you think of it? “It’s awesome. The locker room is really cool too, with the iPads.”

Did you get to meet any of the players? “Yeah, I got to talk to Trey Burke for a little bit, and I talked to Jordan Morgan too. They’re both quality guys and they seemed like they’d be good teammates to be with too. Trey Burke would still be there but Jordam Morgan wouldn’t anymore.”

What kind of things are the coaches telling you? “Coach BA said he really liked big guys in general, because he likes to teach them how to work in the paint, and he said that I’d be a good fit for the program. I like all the stuff they’ve been telling me about how they like to play too.”

What do you know about the school? “I talked to them about the Engineering program a little bit here and there, but mostly I was just talking about basketball for now. I’ve got a while to figure out school and stuff.”

What other schools have you visited? “Wisconsin, Illinois, Northwestern, UIC and Purdue. I think that’s it.”

And what’d you think of those? “I like Purdue a lot, but Michigan is definitely number one right now.”

Any idea when you’d like to make a decision? “I have to obviously keep working and make sure I have a lot of options hopefully, but I really like Michigan and the way they run their program, so I think it’d be a nice fit.”

When you do come down to making the decision, what’s going to be the main criteria that goes into it? “The coaching staff. I need to have a good connection with the coaches, and so far I’ve had that with (Michigan’s coaches). I’d also like to see the way the program runs and how they like to use their big guys in the game. And still a lot comes down to education too.”

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