2011-2012 Season

How to watch the NCAA tournament on any device (for free)

Every game of the 2012 NCAA tournament will be broadcast live on CBS, TNT, TBS or TruTV but it’s not always easy to determine the easiest method to watch the action. Here’s a quick guide detailing how to watch Michigan’s Friday night tilt with Ohio as well as every other NCAA tournament game on your television, computer or smartphone — for free. Full details after the jump.

On Your TV

imageWatching the action on television is the easiest way to go. If you have trouble locating the correct channel on your TV, you can visit the official NCAA March Madness page and specify your zip code and television provider to customize their schedules and provide the proper channel numbers for every game.

On Your Computer

There are two ways to watch the tournament on your computer.

Network Websites

The first is by using specific NCAA tournament landing pages for each individual network website.

  • CBS will stream all of their games for free at cbssports.com.
  • Turner will provide free access to the games if you subscribe to a participating video service (includes most major services other than Time Warner) and authenticate with that provider.  The relevant websites:
  • Each website will require you to login with your cable/satellite provider’s credentials before allowing you to watch the game.

March Madness on Demand

The NCAA also offers the March Madness on Demand service. For $3.99 you can watch every game in on one website, regardless of your internet service provider and also use that account to utilize the NCAA’s smartphone and tablet applications for no additional cost.

Bonus! March Madness on Demand for Free

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On Your Smartphone/Tablet

You can also watch the games on your Apple iPhone, iPad or a number of supported Android devices. The cost of the application is $3.99, or free if you signed up for the March Madness on Demand web service.

Additional questions can be answered in the NCAA’s official frequently asked questions page here. Kudos to Bobcat Attack for rounding up most of this info.

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