Bartelstein Blog: My Blog’s Season Finale, See You Soon or This Summer

The final Bartelstein blog takes a look back at the season that was:

When I look back at our season, I think a defining moment came in Iowa City. We played our worst game of the season and got crushed by Iowa. We came into the game listening to everyone say how good we were and let it get to our heads. We were worrying about the wrong things, how many points we were scoring, when we would get the next shot, things good teams don’t ever think about.

After the game Zack gave a speech that couldn’t have been more perfect. He pretty much said if we are going to win this year it was going to be because everyone will ‘Control the Controllables.’ This means you do things that luck has no effect on. You can’t control if you make a shot, but you can make sure you get a loose ball or a rebound.

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