2011-2012 Season

Exit interview: Stu Douglass

freshman-ucla[1]Mike Rothstein sits down with Stu Douglass to reflect on his career:

WolverineNation:When you look back on your career, what was the best moment? What was the moment that stands out for you?

Stuart Douglass: “I keep going back to playing at Madison Square Garden and playing well against UCLA and beating the No. 4 team. It didn’t end up great for them, but that was my introduction to college basketball, and it reassured me of why I came to Michigan, why I took the risk of playing in the Big Ten when even I had personal doubts of it. It just reassured me why I came here, why I was doing it. College basketball, it’s grueling sometimes. You picture it in a lot different ways than it really is. So when magical moments like that happen, you live off those type of moments to get through the low times.”

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